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ADP No. District Scheme Name Cost (Million)
1 Provincial 170071-Improvement of Govt Seed Production Units in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 288.052
2 Provincial 180406-Strengthening & Improvement of Existing Govt Fruit Nursery Farms 60
3 Provincial 180407-Provision of Offices for newly created Directorates and repair of ATI building damaged through terrorist attack. 109.909
4 Provincial 190097-Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 878.37
5 Provincial 190099-Productivity Enhancement of Rice in the Potential Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 173.27
6 Provincial 190100-National Oil Seed Crops Enhancement Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 305.228
7 Provincial 190101-Productivity Enhancement of Sugar Cane Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 254.132
8 Provincial 170074-Culturable Waste Land Development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 200
9 Provincial 130332-Gomal Zam Dam Command Area Development and On Farm Water Management for High Value and High Efficiency Agriculture Project (USAID-Assisted). 710.71
10 Provincial 160535-Introduction of Certification Facilities for Quality Assurance and Creation of Market Linkages for Agriculture Interventions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 286.527
11 Provincial 180035-Provision of Interest Free Loan to the Farmers of Command Area under Gomal Zam Dam - Command Area Project. 462.48
12 Peshawar 180576- Completion of building of Agriculture Research Directorate, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 50
13 Provincial 170630-Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Agriculture Research Stations and Institute in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 498.6
14 Provincial 200014-Surveillance on Pesticide and Fertilizer Adulteration in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 250
15 D.I.Khan 170641-PC-II for Establishment of University of Agriculture at D.I.Khan. 18.173
16 Peshawar 170081-Provision of Academic & Research Facilities in Fish Aquaculture at the University of Agriculture Peshawar. 50
17 D.I.Khan 170641-PC-II for Establishment of University of Agriculture at D.I.Khan. 18.173
18 Swat 190456-Establishment of Agriculture University at Swat. 3000
19 Provincial 170100-Strengthening of Cooperative Wing of Agriculture Department. 50
20 Provincial 180412-Database Development through Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Crop Reporting Service, KP. 54.6
21 Provincial 160635- Development of Farm Fisheries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 145.289
22 Provincial 190102-Development of Cold Water Fisheries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 772.148
23 Swat 190554-Establishment of Civil Veterinary Dispensaries in Rented Buildings in District Swat 60
24 Provincial 190102 - Development of Cold Water Fisheries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 16
25 Provincial 170084-Rehabilitation & Construction of Buildings for Existing Civil Veterinary Dispensaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 500
26 Provincial 170085-Establishment of Civil Veterinary Dispensaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 250
27 Provincial 170086-Improvement of Existing Livestock Breeding Farms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 276.6
28 Provincial 190104-Feedlot Fattening Program in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 743.373
29 Provincial 190105-Poverty Alleviation through Development of Rural Poultry in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 643.614
30 Swabi 200256-F/S Establishment of Civil Veterinary Hospital at Tehsil Lahor, Swabi 10
31 Provincial 200019-Livelihood Improvement through Livestock Development in Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (JICA assisted). 200
32 Swat 190555-Strengthening of Veternity Hospital Matta, District Swat. 20
33 Provincial 170091-Characterization of Cattle Genetic Resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Through Genetic Markers and Molecular Techniques. 70
34 Provincial 170095-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project (Agriculture Component) under IDA. 0.001
35 Provincial 190106-National Program for Improvement of Water Courses in Pakistan Phase-II (Provincial Share-PM's Agriculture Emergency Program). 9146.66
36 Provincial 170091-Characterization of Cattle Genetic Resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Through Genetic Markers and Molecular Techniques. 55
37 Tor Ghar 170528-Establishment of Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Laboratory at Haripur. 59
38 North Wazirstan 191001-170177-Establishment of 5 No. Fruit Nursery Farms in NWA. [MA] 12.377
39 North Wazirstan 191002-170178-Establishment of 6 No.Dates Farms in NWA. [MA] 13.5
40 Kurram 191011-180026 - Estab. of Farm Services Center in Central District Kurram. [MA] 14.392
41 Kurram 191018-180274 - Agriculture Development in District Kurram . [MA] 20
42 Mohmand 191025-180256 - Introduction of Modern Agriculture Practices in District Mohmand . [MA] 60
43 Bajaur 191008-170019 - Promotion of Olive Cultivation / Grafting for Oil Production in Bajaur Agency. [MA] 21
44 Provincial 191004-170348-Strengthening and Capacity Building of Agriculture Extension in FATA. [MA] 137
45 Provincial 191005-070079-Award of Scholarships to BSc/MSc & Two years Field Asstt: Pre-Service Course in FATA. (Revised) [MA] 36.72
46 Provincial 191007-120151-Value Addition to Competitive Advantage in the Agriculture Sector in FATA [MA]. 154.5
47 Provincial 191026-190002 - Promotion of Agricultural & Horticultural Activities in Merged Areas. [MA] 250
48 Provincial 194006-The Restoration of livelihoods in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (OSRO/PAK/802/JCA) [DOP] 0.001
49 Provincial 194023-The Horticultural Advancement Activity (THAzA) (2018-2023) [DOP]. 0.002
50 Lakki Marwat 191012-180071 - Agriculture Development in Sub-Division Lakki. [MA] 12.7
51 Provincial 191107-190332 - Provision for purchase of earth moving machinery for Land Reclamation in Merged Areas. [MA] 500
52 Kurram 191033-190341 - Development and Promotion of Organic Food Products from Argunja (Wild Cherry Plants) and research on Cold Tolerant Rice in District Kurram. [MA] 19.19
53 Provincial 191027-180014 - Establishment of Soil and Water Testing Labs. in Tribal Districts. [MA] 71.796
54 Provincial 191028-180015 - Adaptive Research on vegetables and cereal hybrids and OPVs in Tribal Districts. [MA] 16.8
55 Provincial 191029-170349 - Strengthening of Existing Agriculture Research Facilities in FATA. (With Focus on Restoration of Mir Jamal GPU at Kurram Agency) [MA] 86.793
56 Provincial 191030-170350 - Promotion of New Fruit Cultivars in FATA. [MA] 27.922
57 Provincial 191032-190340 - Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Beans, Pulses, Ground Nuts and Medicinal Hurbs of Merged Areas and Fruit Fly control in Kurram, North Waziristan and South Waziristan Districts. [MA] 37
58 Provincial 191034-190333 - Support value chain in Agriculture Products through private Enterprise Development. [MA] 80
59 Provincial 191035-190337 - Development Of Onion and Tomato Pocket Area in Bajaur & Mohamand Districts [MA] 70
60 Khyber 191039-150239 - Completion of Balance Work of "Promotion of Farm Fisheries in Khyber Agency". [MA] 60
61 Provincial 191036-180001 - Rehabilitation / Improvement of Fisheries facilities in Tribal Districts. [MA] 55.908
62 Provincial 191037-180512 - Training center in Tribal District Mohmand. (Phase II, Fish Hatchery Component). [MA] 85.643
63 Provincial 191040-170356 - Development of Trout Fisheries in Tribal Districts. [MA] 34.285
64 Provincial 191041-060035 - Strengthening of Fisheries Deptt: in FATA [MA]. 237.305
65 FR Bannu 191038-170237 - Promotion of Farm Fisheries (Completion of Balance work) in FR Bannu [MA] 57.869
66 South Wazirstan 191045-140326-Construction of Building for 08 Existing CVCs in Mehsud Closed Area, SWA. (Umbrella) [MA] 28.473
67 South Wazirstan 191051-170311- Establishment of Model Dairy Farm at Wana, District South Waziristan. [MA] 80.48
68 South Wazirstan 191067-180070 - Re-construction of Assistant Director Office & Solarization of Vaccine Bank and construction of Existing Vety: health facilities in District South Waziristan. [MA] 45.622
69 South Wazirstan 191071-140293-Construction of Buildings for 07 Existing CVCs and CVDs in Closed Area, SWA. [MA] 25.104
70 South Wazirstan 191075-010076-Opening of 41 Veterinary Centers, 22 AICs and Upgradation of 01 CVD to CVH Status in SWA. [MA] 352.501
71 South Wazirstan 191076-070082-Construction of building for 06 existing CVDs in SWA. [MA] 22.005
72 South Wazirstan 191093-150157-Establishment of Mobile Veterinary Clinic in SWA. [MA] 45.886
73 North Wazirstan 191047-070181 - Provision of AI Facilities in Existing 11 Vety: Institutions, NWA. [MA] 72.73
74 North Wazirstan 191089-170179-Establishment of Model Dairy Farm in District North Waziristan. [MA] 54.523
75 North Wazirstan 191090-170181-M&R / Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Removal of Deficiencies, Provision of Medicines in Existing Veterinary Institutions and Reconstruction/Solarization of AD Office, CVH Miran Shah and Mir Ali in NWA. [MA] 49.763
76 North Wazirstan 191101-170442- Provision of Vety health facilities in District North Waziristan. [MA] 62.913
77 Kurram 191054-050011-Opening of 05 CVCs and 08 CVDs, 22 AICs and Diagonostic Laboratory in Kurram Agency. [MA] 196.108
78 Kurram 191065-180067 - Construction of building for Existing Vety: facilities and Solarization of AD Office in District Kurram. [MA] 41.834
79 Orakzai 191055-180166 - Construction of building for existing Vety: institutions and Provision of artificial insemination services in existing veterinary facilities in District Orakzai. [MA] 22.547
80 Orakzai 191061-180088 - Promotion of Broiler Farming through Establishment of Broiler Farms and Enhancement of Meat production (small ruminants) on public private partnership in District Orakzai. [MA] 19.7
81 Orakzai 191078-010085-Opening of 3 CVCs, 11 CVDs and 9 AICs and Upgradation of 4 CVDs to CVH Status in Orakzai Agency. [MA] 191.033
82 Orakzai 191079-160155-Provision of Mobile Veterinary Clinics (Services) in Orakzai Agency. [MA] 24.27
83 Orakzai 191094-170146-Provision of Artificial Insemination Services in Existing Veterinary Institution in Orakzai Agency. [MA] 14.985
84 Orakzai 191095-170147-Constrution of Building for 3 Rented Veterinary Institutions and Opening of One CVD in Mamozai Area, Orakzai Agency. [MA] 30.75
85 Orakzai 191104-190054 - Creation of Disease free zone through mass vaccination & Treatment in feasible Districts on pilot basis [MA] 138
86 Khyber 191049-170420-Opening of 3 CVDs in Rented Buildings, Bara, Khyber Agency. [MA] 21.89
87 Khyber 191084-130090-Establishment of 02 Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Civil Veterinary Hospital Jamrud and Landi Kotal , Khbyer Agency. [MA] 20.566
88 Khyber 191092-020080-Opening of 18 Veterniray Centers and 26 AICs in Khyber Agency. [MA] 313.217
89 Mohmand 191042-010209-Opening of 3 CVDs, 23 VCs, 16 AICs and Upgradation of CVD Lakaro to CVH Status, Mohmand Agency . [MA] 252.286
90 Mohmand 191048-070007-Provision of Mobile Veterinary Clinic in Mohmand Agency. [MA] 38.24
91 Mohmand 191069-170052-Provision of A.I. Facilities / Medicines in Existing Veterinary Institutions, Construction of Buildings of Functional Veterinary Centres (in Rented Buildings), Special Campaign for the Control of Ecto and Endo Parasites in Mohmand Agency. [ 39.46
92 Mohmand 191097-180257 - Strengthening / Improvement and Construction of existing Livestock facilities including Breed Improvement System in District Mohmand. [MA] 40
93 Mohmand 191100-170426-Opening/Establishment of 2 CVDs in Rented Building Ambar Area and Provision of AI Services in existing Vety Institutes in Mohmand Agency. [MA] 19.991
94 Bajaur 191043-110042-Establishment of Vety Diagnostic Laboratory in CVH Khar & Construction of Garrage for 02 Vehicles in ALO Office Bajaur Agency. [MA] 34.628
95 Bajaur 191052-170021-Provision of Medicines and Artificial Insemination Services in Existing Veterinary Institutions in Bajaur Agency. [MA] 37.049
96 Bajaur 191064-180066 - Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of 04 Vety: Centers & Strengthening of existing Veterinary facilities in District Bajaur. [MA] 35
97 Bajaur 191081-090012-Provision of Mobile Veterinary Clinics in Bajaur Agency. [MA] 32.986
98 Bajaur 191082-070103-Opening of 5- CVDs, 5- CVCs, 6 - AICs and Upgradation of 2 CVDs to CVHs Status, Bajaur . [MA] 183.14
99 Provincial 191046-110222-Mobile Veterinary Clinics in FATA. [MA] 113.669
100 Provincial 191053-020079-Establishment of Semen Production Unit at Jamrud and Breed / Veterniray Improvement Programme in FATA. [MA] 222.01
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