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Mines & Minerals

ADP No. District Scheme Name Cost (Million)
637 Nowshera 110528-Establishment of Model Coal Mine in District Nowshera. 196.541
643 Provincial 180446-Weigh Stations in Potential Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 110
1271 Nowshera 110528-Establishment of Model Coal Mine in District Nowshera. 196.541
1272 Provincial 140791-Assesment Study & Establishment of Mines Monitoring and Surveillance Units in Mineral Bearing Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 474.147
1273 Provincial 160041-Establishment of Mining Cadastral System, 168.468
1274 Provincial 170143-Geological Mapping of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 397.231
1275 Provincial 190279-Strengthening of Minerals Development Department 19.12
1276 South Wazirstan 193166-Exploration & Investigation of Precious/Base Metals in SW Agency. (A) BOD/28/05/2009 [FDA] 66.962
1277 North Wazirstan 193160-Exploration & Development of Copper in N.W.Agency. (A) BOD/12/06/2007 [FDA] 172.722
1278 North Wazirstan 193162-Exploratory Core Drilling for Copper in Shinkai Area, NWA (A)BOD/17/12/2012 [FDA] 170.389
1279 Orakzai 193171-Extension of Power supply from Kalaya Grid Station to Coal mines in Lower Orakzai Agency (A) BOD/25/5/2016 [FDA] 55.66
1280 Provincial 193165-Strengthening of Mineral Department, (PMU) FATA DA. (A) BOD/26/12/2017 [FDA] 198.03
1281 Provincial 193168-Exploration & Evaluation of Dimension and Decorative Stones in FATA (A) BOD/26/12/2017 [FDA] 109
1282 Provincial 193169-Exploration & Evaluation of Metallic Minerals Occurrences in FATA (A) BOD/26/12/2017 [FDA] 149.29
1283 Provincial 200168-100118-Establishment/operation of Mines Rescue, Safety and Labour Welfare Center in FATA 142.687
1284 Provincial 200084-Provision of Safety & other Equipments to Mine labours in Merged Disricts (AIP) 50
1285 Provincial 200128-Construction of Approach Roads to untapped Mineral bearing Areas in Merged Districts (AIP) 105
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