Projects Population Welfare

Population Welfare

ADP No. District Scheme Name Cost (Million)
697 Peshawar 180312-Expansion of Hostel Facility at Regional Training Institute, Peshawar. 26.412
698 Provincial 180330-Delevering Accelerated Family Planning in KP (DFID Assisted). 0.001
699 Malakand 180081-Construction of building for Regional Training Institute, Malakand at Batkhela. 90
1401 Provincial 170244-Innovative scheme for Promotion of Population Welfare Programme for achieving SDGs, FP 2020 goal and vision of population policy. 290.698
1402 Provincial 180084-Consolidation of Existing Service Delivery Centres. 115.487
1403 Provincial 190014-Involvement of 200 Religious Scholars as a Social Mobilizer at Village Council Level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 88.184
1404 Provincial 190023-Establishment of 10 Adolescent & Sexual Reproductive Health Centre 93.55
1405 Provincial 200001-Establishment of Mobile Service Unit in Upper Kohistan & Kolai Palas 19.047
1406 Provincial 180330-Delevering Accelerated Family Planning in KP (DFID Assisted) 0.001
1407 Provincial 191702-190228 - Consolidation/strengthening of existing service delivery Units of Population Welfare Department Merged Districts. [MA] 58
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