Construction, equipment, maintenance, repairs internal electrification and fixation of rent of all Government buildings, residential and non-residential, including tents, dak bungalows and circuit houses except those entrusted to Establishment & Administration Department.

Accommodation for Federal and Provincial Government servants in the province except that entrusted to Establishment & Administration Department.

Construction, maintenance and repairs of roads, bridges, ferries, tunnels, rope-ways, causeways and tram-ways lines.

Road Funds.

Tolls (excluding those levies by Local Governments).

Engineering training other than, Engineering University, Engineering Collages, and Engineering Schools.

Evaluation/Fixation of Rent/Control/Management, leases and disposal sales of Government buildings.

Water supply of sanitary works pertaining to Government buildings and Government estates.

Laying standards and specifications for various types of roads and bridges for the province.

Planning and designing roads and connected a works for the department financed from Provincial and /or Federal Funds.

Road research and material testing.

Execution of works on behalf of other agencies/department as deposit Works.

Preparation of architectural plans/drawing of buildings of Provincial Government.