Final Safeguard Documents for KP Integrated Tourism Development Project (KITE)

Request for expression of interest for selection of Incremental Staff Download
Approved TORs of Senior Eduction Specialist Download
EOI for Arch_Sites_Final Download
Final_Term_of_ Reference_Arch-Site Download
Approved EMP for prefab-toilets-at-malakand-division Download
Approved PCRMP Illumination-of-archaeological-site-CV-13-Sep-2021 Download
Approved PCRMP Illumination-of-archaeological-site-CV-13-Sep-2021 Download
CESMP Illumination-of-archeological-sites Download
CESMP pre-feb-washooms Galiyat Download
CESMP pre-feb-washroom-gor-gathri,-takht-bai Download
CESMP prefeb-washroom-kaghan Download
CESMP-rescue-1122-stations Download
EMP for Archaeoligcal-sites-prefab-washrooms Download
EMP for galyat-prefab-toilets Download
EMP Rescue1122-stations Download
Environmental-Management-Plan-(EMP)-gabeen-jabba Download
Indigenous-peoples-plan-ipp-for-rescue1122-stat... Download
Indigenous-peoples-plan-ipp-for-rescue-1122-sta... Download
Physical Cultural Resources Managment Plan-(PCR... Download
خلاصہ-فزیکل-کلچر-ریسورس-منیجمنٹ-پلان-(PCRMP) Download
Mankial-ESMP Report Lot-II Download
Thandiani Road ESMP Consolidated Report Clean Version Download
Mankial-ESMP Report - Lot-I Download
Thandiani -ESMP Report-Lot-II Download
Thandiani -ESMP Report-Lot-I Download
Thandiani -ESMP Report-Lot-II Download
Final_RFB_Package_Mankial_Road_(Lot_1___2) Download
Final_RFB_Package_Thandiani_Road_(Lot_1___2) Download
Mankyal Lot-01 Download
Mankyal Lot-02 Download
Rehabilitation and Remodeling of Mankyal Road Download
Rehabilitation and Remodeling of Thandiani Road Download
Tandiani Lot-01 RLP-merged Download
Rehabilitation and Remodeling of Thandiani Road Download
KMCC Letter to Contract Award Download
GRM Complaint appplication form in english Download
GRM E&S Complaint Form in URDU language Download
GRM Notification Download
GRM Download
KITE GRM Plan Download
11-06-2021 Clean Version Updated RAP_Mankial Road after WB comments(WB revJuly29) - (WBrevSept1) Download
Sep 3 2021 NESPAK Updated ESMP Arc Sites-WB Env Review- Updated 10-9-21- Clean Version Download
Vol-V- 26-07-2021- RAP Thandiani Abbottabad Download
Executive Summery (URDU) - 26-07-2021-RAP Thandiani Download
RFP to Consultants for Feasibility Studies of Kumrat Madaklasht Cable Car Download
Addendum No 1 to RFP for KMCC Download
Minutes of Pre Proposal Meeting for KMCC Download
KITE PMU CW COVID-19 SOPs for contractors of Civil Works in Arcaeology in KP(WB ES) Download
KITE E&S Management Framework, updated with COVID19 checklists Download
KITE IPPF Download
KITE RPF Download
TOR for consultant (KITE) Download
List of EOI (KITE) Download
Screened Final 06-02-2021- TOR for the Consultant for Technical and ES Study of KMCC Download
Screened Final 06-02-2021-REOI for KMCC WBG Reviewed Download
Revised Section by NESPAK Download
VOL-II-29-03-2021-Technical-Specification Mankial Road Download
VOL-II-29-03-2021-Technical-Specification Thandiani Download
V21-04-2021-Addendum No 01 - Package-01-Thandiani Road Download
21-04-2021-Addendum No 01- Package-02 - Mankial Road Download
21-04-2021-Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting dated 08-04-2021 Download
22-3-21-VOL-I_Final_RFB_Mankial_Road_Reviewed_by_WB_19-3-21 Download
22-3-21-VOL-I_Final_RFB_Thandiani_Road_Reviewed_by_WB_on_19-3-21 Download
VOL-III-30-03-2021- Amended Tender Drawings Mankial Road Download
VOL-III-30-03-2021-Amended Tender Drawings Thandiani Road Download
EMP for Archaeoligcal Sites Prefab Washrooms Download
EMP for Galyat Prefab Toilets Download
EMP for Kaghan Prefab Toilets Download
RFB_Balance & Additional Works_Archeological Site_Final dt 14-12-2022 Download
Final Arch NIT by Newspaper Download
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