Home Achievements
S.No. ADP.No. Scheme Name
1 751 90424-Improvement & Widening of Pajaggi Chagharmatti Road (Balance Portion) District Peshawar.
2 752 130419-Construction of Approach Road to OPF Housing Scheme Budhni Road, Peshawar.
3 753 130664-Construction and blacktopping of Road from Berlan to Manan Baba Killi via Lora Shah (5 KM).
4 754 110323-Restoration of Roads damaged by flood in District Nowshera.
5 755 130401-Improvement and widening of road connecting PAF Academy Risalpur with GT Road via village Gandheri (7 Km) District Nowshera.
6 756 130660-Construction of Bridge on Dagai Khwar, District Nowshera.
7 760 100381-Construction of Topi Utla road including Bada Bridge District Swabi.
8 761 110200-Construction of Kota Bypass road District Swabi.
9 762 130475-Widening & Rehabilitation of Zaida - Rana Dheri Road, Swabi (7 Km).
10 765 30889-Extention, Improvement and B/T of road from Feza to Topai via Sarqilla Bazar, Chamo District Buner.
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