Projects Higher Education

Higher Education

ADP No. District Scheme Name Cost (Million)
981 Provincial 195136-Performance based package for the teaching faculty (AIP) 1899
982 Provincial 195137-Capacity building programme for college faculty (AIP) 2800
983 Provincial 195138-Provision of staff to existing colleges (Commerce + General) (AIP) 1728
984 Provincial 200119-Provision of Land and Construction of Building for exsiting Government Colleges in Merged Areas (AIP) 2000
985 Provincial 200120-Provision of Additonal Academic Infrstructure & Missing Facilities in the existing Government Colleges in Merged Areas on need basis (AIP) 1700
986 Provincial 191583-Introduction of BS Program in Colleges in all Tribal Districts (AIP) 300
987 Provincial 195127-Provision of Stipends and scholarships for students of Merged Areas (AIP). 1700
988 South Wazirstan 195311-Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Education City at Barwand Mehsud Area in SW (AIP) 42.59
989 Provincial 195140-Feasibility for the establishment of University in NW (AIP). 15
990 Provincial 191585-F/S & Establishment/Upgradition of Colleges/Universities/Campuses in Merged Areas (AIP) 20
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