XEN (OPS) C&W Division Battagram (BPS-17)

organogram Hafiz Muhammad Umair Anwar (XEN (OPS) C&W Division Battagram)

Mr/Miss. Hafiz Muhammad Umair Anwar

XEN (OPS) C&W Division Battagram (BPS-17)
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Employment Type
Tuesday 30th June, 1987
Hiring Date
Friday 24th December, 2010
Joining Date
Friday 24th December, 2010
Retirement Date
Sunday 30th June, 2047

Employee History

S.No From To Posting
1 Thursday 24th February, 2011 Thursday 31st March, 2011 Assistant Research Officer- RR&MT Lab Battagram
2 Friday 1st April, 2011 Sunday 12th May, 2013 SDO (B&R) Sub Division Mansehra
3 Monday 13th May, 2013 Monday 23rd December, 2013 SDO C&W Sub Division Battagram
4 Tuesday 24th December, 2013 Monday 23rd October, 2017 SDO Building Sub Division No.II- Mansehra
5 Tuesday 24th October, 2017 Till Now XEN (OPS) C&W Division Battagram
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