XEN (OPS) C&W Division Shangla (BPS-17)

organogram Shah-Nawaz-Khan (XEN (OPS) C&W Division Shangla)

Mr/Miss. Shah-Nawaz-Khan

XEN (OPS) C&W Division Shangla (BPS-17)
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Employment Type
Monday 7th April, 1980
Hiring Date
Friday 24th December, 2010
Joining Date
Friday 24th December, 2010
Retirement Date
Saturday 7th April, 2040

Employee History

S.No From To Posting
1 Wednesday 7th March, 2012 Wednesday 3rd June, 2015 SDO C&W Sub Division TOR GHAR
2 Thursday 4th June, 2015 Tuesday 16th June, 2015 Under tranfer period
3 Wednesday 17th June, 2015 Thursday 5th January, 2017 SDO C&W Division Shangla
4 Friday 6th January, 2017 Till Now XEN (OPS) C&W Division Shangla
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